What a ride!

I made an announcement at #Unitedlv last night. After September 1st, 2013 – I will no longer be the youth pastor at The Champion Center. I am staying with The Champion Center though. In February God told me about a season of transition, then my wife (You know you’re in God’s will when he speaks to your wife! #hello) and then to my Pastor, Tom Van Kempen in May – and we hired an amazing new youth pastor over the summer. He is an amazing communicator, he loves students, he loves his bride (Charisse Chu – an exceptional Bible Teacher at MVCS) and he absolutely loves United! Pastor Miyk Mathis will be here in September. (Yea!!) I have accepted the position of an Associate Pastor and Pastor Tom’s basketball coach…right?

I have 4 more weeks left to speak at United but last night I spoke from my heart and asked

2 Simple Things during this transition:

1. I want every student to remain committed and sold out to Jesus Christ and to United Student Ministries.

This ministry is my legacy. I have been here 7 full years as a Youth Pastor over the greatest youth ministry in Las Vegas. My GREATEST joy is Jesus, My wife and my son. Next to them are my spiritual sons and daughters. (I WILL DO EVERYONE’S WEDDING SOMEDAY!!). It brings me GREAT joy to see my spiritual sons and daughters completely sold out to Jesus for the rest of your lives. I cannot express what that does for me when you walk into exactly what God has for you.

1. Read your Word Daily.
2. Pray Daily.
3. Attend United Weekly.
4. Love people unconditionally (Without conditions or limitations)

Love people. Love those that don’t know Jesus as United begins to EXPLODE. Love my family through his season, Lindsey and Levi need to hear your love (So do I!!! Twitter and Facebook better be buzzin’!!).

Love Pastors Miyk and Charrise. This is a BIG deal to me. Give them a chance, remain committed to them and TRUST them. I am not giving United to someone who doesn’t know what he’s doing. I recommended him, I trust him and he is God’s man for this ministry.

2. Obey God and see Him take you places where people don’t think you belong!

I preach every week about Jesus. Your Pastor is now going through change and taking a step of faith. My wife and I always knew change and transition was coming to United,(Just not this quick!) but my heart is being obedient. I am grateful that I get to see it explode. I literally feel like a Moses and I’ve taken United this far – now Pastor Miyk is going to take it further than it’s ever gone before. This is the best year of United.

“How you finish this season of your life will determine the strength in which you enter the next season”

My obedience to God is bringing much peace in the storm of change. “How you finish this season of your life will determine the strength in which you enter the next season”. Help me finish strong. I am preaching for 4 more weeks then we have a party, August 28, 2013 at 7:00pm. 

I love you all. The Best is Yet to Come,

Jeremy, Lindsey and Levi Bosma

Pastor Miyk and Charisse

Pastor Miyk and Charisse




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